Experience of 30 years of teaching mostly in the second grade. Have taught other grades including Reading tutor and ESOL self contained class.
Personal Message:
I am a bilingual teacher who learned spanish as a first language. My parents had a spanish tutor for many years so we could keep learning both languages at the same time. I encourage two language acquisition as it helps with learning vocabulary and with becoming bicultural individuals.
Having to learned a second language made me very aware of how students learn language and loved it enough to study it for my Masters in Bilingual/Bicultural Education from St. John's University in N.Y.

 Ms. Martinez 2nd Grade Classroom Page
The 3rd Semester begins.
We will study measurements and review adding/subtracting to 100s.
Reading will continue getting everyone to the next level of reading in small groups.
Science is the study of Weather.

Schedule :                                                 
8:15-8:25 Breakfast /News
8:25-8:45 Morning Meeting
8:45-10:20 Reading
10:20-11:00 Writing
11:05-11:40 Lunch
11:40-12:00 Mini Math Lesson
12:00-12:45 Related Arts
12:45-2:00 Math
2:00-2:20 Recess
2:20-3:05 Science/Social Studies

Homework :     
Please look at the CHECKLIST in the Agenda. Students will do each homework then check themselves. The next day the teacher will check that list and 5 homeworks consistently done earns a prize!                                           

To Meet With the Teacher:      
Please send a note to say what date you want to meet.                        

Links for the Internet:
go to: pbs kids WORD GIRL
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For Math:IXL  Mangahigh