P.E. Dress Code
P.E. Dress Code

Students should come toblue sneakers PE prepared to participate daily by wearing tennis shoes and comfortable clothing.  There will be no time for changing clothes.  If it is necessary for your child to wear a dress on a PE day, shorts should be worn under the dress.  Please, for the safety of your child, no sandals, flip flops, boots, slip on shoes (crocs), or dress shoes on PE days.

If your child can’t participate in PE due to a reason which isn’t backed up by a note from a doctor or parent or due to clothing/shoes which are inappropriate or unsafe for participation, he/she will lose points off his/her grade for that day.  Students may also lose points off their grade due to inappropriate behavior which could cause him/her to lose participation time.  Grading will be as follows:

0-5 Infractions= C - Consistently Behaving and Participating
6-9 Infractions=S- Sometimes Behaving and Participating (Needs Improvement)
10 or more infractions= R- Rarely Behaving and Participating
(Unsatisfactory Grade)

*Students will receive a note home for incorrect shoes or behavior after third occurrence. Your child’s safety is of utmost importance to us!