I am the Speech/Language Pathologist at AOES for the 15-16 school year. My area of focus is working with children who have a diagnosed speech or language disorder which results in a significant, negative impact on their educational performance.

      Speech/Language services include 

  • R​eceptive language (understanding) and Expressive language use
    • for example, understanding and using age and grade appropriate concepts and vocabulary
  • A​rticulation: correct pronunciation of age appropriate speech sounds
  • Fluency: (stuttering - usually an abnormal rhythm of speech due to repeated sounds, parts of words and words). 

​My ​work with children includes ​group or individual speech sessions for students who qualify for special education in CCSD.

I also provide teachers and parents strategies to facilitate speech and language development. 


Judy Benko, MA CCC-SP
Speech-Language Pathologist



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