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Coach Joseph Hamilton is a PE teacher at Angel Oak Elementary. Coach Joseph Hamilton also teaches PE at Frierson and Minnie Hughes Elementary. Coach Hamilton has almost 15 years experience teaching and coaching. Coach Hamilton previously taught/coached at Felton Labratory, Marshall Elementary, Elsyse Butler Charter, E.B Ellington, Jane Edwards, CC Blaney, Schroder Middle, Baptist Hill High, St. James Santee, Mitchell Elementary, Memminger, North Charleston Elementary, Military Magnet and Haut Gap. Coach Hamilton is 1 out of 4 siblings and he was born in Charleston South Carolina. Coach Hamilton graduated from Burke High School, received a BS in Physical Education with a minor in Sports Communication and Physical Activity Management from South Carolina State University. He also received his M.ED in Elementary Education from South Carolina State University. Coach Hamilton is currently attending school seeking his ED.S in Education Administration with the hopes of becoming an administrator soon.

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