AOE Guidance Counselor: Dr. Sabrina Pinckney

AOE Guidance Counselor
Dr. Sabrina PinckneyAngel Oak Elementary has an on campus school counselor, Dr. Sabrina Pinckney. Dr. Pinckney comes to us from Charleston Progressive School in downtown Charleston. Working 2-3 days at Angel Oak Elementary in the past was not enough to implement the programs that Dr. Pinckney wanted to create for our students.
Thanks to Dr. Griggs, Dr. Pinckney is with us everyday which allows our parents, students and staff to make available avenues of positive programs to assist the need of our students.

Dr. Pinckney has established a relationship with our students that allow her to define student problems and know what programs will help them cope with their problems effectively. In addition, Dr. Pinckney has developed strategies to help students take positive steps to redirect their thinking process and develop positive decision making skills. Dr. Pinckney also rewards our students for their efforts in academics as well as behavior. WE welcome Dr. Pinckney and look forward to her guiding our students to become successful 21st learners.

Here are the programs that Dr. Pinckney have implemented here at Angel Oak Elementary:

21st Century Learners Award Program
Character Education Program
Call Ambassador Program
Parent Involvement Program
Classroom Guidance Program
Individual and Small Group Counseling
Grief Counseling
Student Council
Family Fun Day